Ajankohtaista / Invitation for requesting FSRU spot capacity for Q1/2023

Invitation for requesting FSRU spot capacity for Q1/2023

Floating LNG Terminal Finland Oy (“FLTF”), a 100 % subsidiary of Gasgrid Finland Oy, will be acting as the terminal operator for the FSRU (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit) vessel Exemplar, which will be moored in the port of Inkoo in December 2022. After the commissioning of the terminal, commercial terminal capacity will be available from January 2023 onwards.

The rights and obligations of terminal users and the terminal operator are defined in the terminal rule package, which is available at Gasgrid Finland’s website https://gasgrid.fi/en/projects/lng-floating-terminal/. However, the terminal rule package is currently under Finnish Energy Authority’s review and the final version is still subject to modifications. The final package will be published at Gasgrid Finland’s website after the rules have been approved by the Energy Authority.

The intent is to allocate Q2 an Q3 terminal capacity similarly as the annual capacity is allocated and scheduled in the terminal rules, but with a condensed timeline. The capacity reservation invitation for Q2 and Q3 will be announced separately.

Q1 capacity will be available on SPOT basis pursuant to clause 7.6 in the terminal rules as there is not enough time to perform comprehensive capacity allocation process before the beginning of Q1.

Due to the nature of the SPOT capacity allocation, Joint Use Principle as described in 8.7 of the terminal rules will not be applied during Q1.

FLTF will be offering the following slots in Q1 / 2023:

Slot name Start date End date[1] Slot size
Jan I Jan 16 Jan 25 800 GWh
Jan II Jan 26 Feb 4 800 GWh
Feb I Feb 5 Feb 14 800 GWh
Feb II Feb 15 Feb 24 800 GWh
Mar I Feb 25 Mar 6 800 GWh
Mar II Mar 7 Mar 18 900 GWh
Mar III[2] Mar 19 Mar 31 900 GWh

[1] End of gas day is 7:00 on the following day
[2] Incl. 24-hour terminal maintenance

The SPOT capacity allocation will commence two working days after the Finnish Energy Authority’s approval of the terminal rules. The exact date will be announced separately on the terminal operator’s website. SPOT capacity will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. However, requests arriving on the same calendar day will be deemed to have arrived at the same time.

Kindly note that terminal capacity reservations will be made using the form in Annex 8 of the terminal rules. Also, please submit your company’s relevant documentation as described in Annex 8 and clause 5 of the terminal rules. Such documentation can be submitted prior to the commencement of capacity allocation.

More information:
Mika Myötyri, Gas Market Manager, Gasgrid Finland Oy, +358451124515, mika.myotyri@gasgrid.fi

Gasgrid Finland Oy on valtionyhtiö, joka toimii järjestelmävastaavana kaasun siirtoverkonhaltijana Suomessa. Tarjoamme asiakkaillemme turvallista, luotettavaa ja kustannustehokasta kaasujen siirtoa. Kehitämme aktiivisesti ja asiakaslähtöisesti siirtoalustaamme, palveluitamme ja kaasumarkkinoita edistääksemme tulevaisuuden hiilineutraalia energia- ja raaka-ainejärjestelmää. Lue lisää: www.gasgrid.fi/


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