News / Gasgrid Finland updates its strategy on the basis of four scenarios

Gasgrid Finland updates its strategy on the basis of four scenarios

Gasgrid Finland has prepared four scenarios concerning the future of gases to base its strategy work on. The scenario work has been a modern, open journey of exploration into possible visions of the future.

The preparation of the scenarios to form the basis of Gasgrid’s strategy started in February 2020. The results of the work were presented to more than 200 experts and influencers in the energy sector in a webinar organised on Wednesday. The panellists included Henna Virkkunen, EPP’s Member of the European Parliament, and Jero Ahola, Professor at the LUT University.

“We want to do our part in actively promoting Finland becoming carbon-neutral, as well as an operating environment that supports innovation. The results of the scenario work create a good basis for us to build our strategy on. Hopefully, they also support  the development work of our customers and stakeholders,” describes Olli Sipilä, CEO of Gasgrid Finland.

In addition to Gasgrid’s own personnel, a wide range of experts in the field have participated in the creation of the scenarios through surveys, stakeholder workshops and interviews. In the scenario work, Gasgrid has been supported by the consulting company Capful, which specialises in scenario work. None of the four scenarios is a forecast or in Gasgrid’s view more probable than another.

Gasgrid’s strategy work will now continue on the basis of four scenarios:

  • Finland as a climate leader, the rise of hydrogen and electricity. The role of traditional gas is decreasing in Finland faster than in the EU, and the Finnish society electrifies rapidly. A separate hydrogen infrastructure is being built.
  • Finland as an island – security of supply with gas. EU’s climate policy tightens and Asia drives the economy. There is little renewal in the passive methane sector in Finland, and the country’s hydrogen economy develops slower than in the EU.
  • Europe of conflicts – extended time for traditional gas. The EU drifts into internal conflict. Nationalism grows. The energy transformation is not successful and an extended time of fossil fuels in Europe begins.
  • Towards carbon-neutrality with determination – diverse gases. Politics aiming for carbon-neutrality enable the transformation of the gas sector, and investments are made into the development of new gases. The gas transmission infrastructure becomes an active balancer for the energy system.

“In the course of the scenario work, the understanding that the Finnish gas sector has possibilities to have an impact on its future has strengthened, however it requires work. If we as a sector believe in our possibilities to create significant benefit for the society as it strives to become carbon-neutral, we must work in even stronger collaboration and relay this message – both in words and in actions,” summarizes Anni Sarvaranta, who leads strategy work at Gasgrid Finland.

The scenarios are presented in more detail on Gasgrid’s website at Gases as Part of the Energy System of the Future.

Further information:

Olli Sipilä, CEO, tel. +358 40 589 4686,
Anni Sarvaranta, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Market Development, tel. +358 50 348 2071,

Gasgrid Finland Oy
is a Finnish state-owned gas transmission system operator with system responsibility. Our task is to ensure safe, cost-efficient and reliable gas transmission for our customers and society. We actively develop our infrastructure, services and the gas market to promote a carbon-neutral energy system of the future. Read more:

Gasgrid Finland Oy is a Finnish state-owned company and transmission system operator with system responsibility. We offer our customers safe, reliable and cost-efficient transmission of gases. We actively develop our transmission platform, services and the gas market in a customer-oriented manner to promote the carbon-neutral energy and raw material system of the future. Find out more:


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