News / The CEO of Gasgrid Finland Olli Sipilä joins the Board of ENTSOG

The CEO of Gasgrid Finland Olli Sipilä joins the Board of ENTSOG

Olli Sipilä, The CEO of Gasgrid Finland, has been elected as a member of the Board of European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) -organization.

ENTSOG’s mission is to facilitate and enhance the cooperation between national gas transmission system operators across Europe and support the development of a European internal transmission system in line with the European Union’s energy goals. ENTSOG’s aims to promote European cross-border gas trade and further develop the network’s technical infrastructure.

“I am excited to start at ENTSOG’s board – at the core of European energy transition and security. Looking forward to developing European societies, energy and gas industries towards a clean and competitive future. Plenty of work ahead and we’ll get it done together.” Sipilä comments the nomination.

Gasgrid Finland Oy is a Finnish state-owned gas transmission system operator with system responsibility. Our task is to ensure safe, cost-efficient and reliable gas transmission for our customers and society.  We actively develop our infrastructure, services and the gas market to promote a carbon-neutral energy system of the future. Read more:


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