News / Changes to Collateral Process 30 September 2021

Changes to Collateral Process 30 September 2021

We are improving our collateral processes and implementing the new collateral model starting from 30th September 2021.

The main changes compared to our current model is a relief regarding the required collateral amount and changes in the calculation method and principles regarding the reserved collateral. Bank account deposit has been requested by our customers. Due to the request, we are preparing a chance to enable to use a bank account in the future as an additional flexible collateral element. Taxes and imbalance payment collateral calculation and principles will remain unaltered.

We are going to implement the new collateral model in to our Gasgrid Portal by the end of this year. Until implemented we will define and announce the amount of required collateral and reserved collateral via email to our customers in last week of each month and per request.

The picture below presents the components defining the required collateral amount when placing new reservations of capacity. The revised collateral model will be in place starting from 30th of September 2021.

We aim to serve our customers better by assisting you to evaluate the sufficiency of the set collateral in monthly basis.

Further information: Niina Heiskanen, Customer Service Manager, Gasgrid Finland,, +358 50 377 7148 or


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