News / Bored-pile driving work for LNG terminal vessel port structures completed

Bored-pile driving work for LNG terminal vessel port structures completed

The bored-pile driving work included in the construction of the port terminal for a floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal vessel has been completed at the Port of Inkoo, Finland. Commissioned by the State of Finland and implemented under the leadership of Gasgrid Finland, the LNG terminal vessel project will ensure access to gas for industry, heavy-duty transport as well as the cogeneration of heat and power (CHP), including for household needs.

“We’ve now completed the bored-pile driving work, which is a critical and demanding phase in the construction of the terminal. We’d like to thank local residents in particular for their flexibility and understanding attitude,” says Esa Hallivuori, Head of the Floating LNG Terminal Project at Gasgrid Finland. “This demanding terminal construction project started in August 2022, and progress has been made within the planned, exceptionally tight timeframe. The port structures are due for completion in December ahead of the arrival of the LNG terminal vessel. After that, the vessel containing LNG will be connected to our gas transmission network.”

A total of 112 drilled piles made of steel and more than 30 m in length were used for the piling and foundation of the port structures on the pier worksite. The terminal construction project employs an average of around 100 persons, including design professionals.

The aim is to start LNG production use and gas distribution from the 291-m long and 43-m wide LNG terminal vessel in January 2023. This LNG terminal vessel project is critically important for Finland’s security of supply and will secure the availability of gas well into the future.


More information:
Esa Hallivuori, Head of the Floating LNG Terminal Project, Gasgrid Finland Oy, +358 40 581 5027,

Contact person for media:
Virve Wright, Senior Vice President, Communications, Sustainability and Public Relations
, Gasgrid Finland Oy, +358 40 552 9219,

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