News / Invitation to contribute to Gasgrid Finland’s ESG efforts

Invitation to contribute to Gasgrid Finland’s ESG efforts

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues play an integral role in Gasgrid’s business and management. Our ESG efforts are coordinated by our ESG programme, which we review and revise at regular intervals. Our ESG programme addresses the economic, social and environmental impacts of our operations. The latest version of our ESG programme is based on a materiality analysis that was conducted in cooperation with our most important stakeholders back in October 2020.

Active monitoring of our operating environment is crucial for our ability to identify change trends and new themes. Based on our monitoring, we have now decided to redo our materiality analysis by the end of 2022.

We are giving you an opportunity to take part in our stakeholder survey, which will form the basis of our new materiality analysis. We hope to hear the views of our most important stakeholders in order to take our ESG agenda to the next level.

The questionnaire is based on the Lyyti survey tool. Answering the survey takes approximately 10 minutes. The closing date for the survey is 28 October 2022. Click on the link provided to go to the survey:

Thank you in advance for your input!

Gasgrid Finland Oy is a Finnish state-owned company and transmission system operator with system responsibility. We offer our customers safe, reliable and cost-efficient transmission of gases. We actively develop our transmission platform, services and the gas market in a customer-oriented manner to promote the carbon-neutral energy and raw material system of the future. Find out more:


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