Gas market / Market rules and recommendations

Market rules and recommendations

The market rules determine the operating principles of the gas market that market participants follow when operating in the wholesale and retail markets. The market rules have been drawn up together with market participants and authorities, and they will be updated and developed as necessary.

The gas market guidelines and recommendations supplement the Finnish gas market rules.

The Gas Market Code and Information Exchange Guidelines have been drawn up for shippers, traders, transmission network end users, biogas injecting parties, distribution system operators and retailers to further specify recommendations related to procedures and requirements and instructions relating to the exchange of information.  

The Gasgrid Portal is a wholesale market interface (for capacity booking, nominations, delivery relationships) and Datahub is a centralized information exchange service for the retail market.

The Gas Measurement Recommendations have been drawn up for the transmission system operator, distribution system operators and those responsible for measurements but also for parties relating to the processing, communication and receipt of measurement data. The recommendations cover measurements in the transmission as well as in the distribution network.

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