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Transmission services

Capacity bookings and transmission services

We offer entry capacity products at the Imatra Entry Point, biogas virtual entry point, Balticconnector and LNG entry points. Exit capacity is offered in the Finnish exit zone and at the Balticconnector. The products offered: annual, quarterly, monthly, daily and within-day capacity. You will find the prices of our capacity products in the transmission tariff here.

There are point-specific differences in capacity products and their allocation principles.

We offer capacity products at the Imatra Entry Point, biogas virtual entry point and in the exit zone as follows:

  • Annual capacity product: starting on 1 October and ending on 30 September of the following calendar year
  • Quarterly capacity product: one quarter (3 consecutive gas months) commencing on the first gas day of a quarter at 07:00 on 1 January, 1 April, 1 July or 1 October
  • Monthly capacity product: one or two consecutive gas months commencing on the first gas day of the calendar month (a calendar month may vary from 28 to 31 days depending on the length of the calendar month)
  • Daily capacity product: one gas day or up to six consecutive gas days
  • Within-day capacity product: from one hour up to 24 consecutive hours within a particular gas day

At the biogas virtual entry point and in the exit zone we also offer the following so called flexible capacity products:

  • Flexible annual capacity product: 12 consecutive gas months commencing on the first gas day of a calendar month
  • Flexible monthly capacity product: one or two consecutive months grouped into 30-day periods. This calculation method is used if the month ordered commences on any other day than the first day of the calendar month.

Balticconnector capacity is allocated implicitly.

  • At the Balticconnector interconnection point, capacity is allocated implicitly based on nominations and renominations confirmed by Gasgrid Finland and the Estonian TSO, Elering AS.
  • There is no price for Balticconnector capacity as the Finnish, Estonian and Latvian TSOs have entered into an agreement under which entry and exit capacity charges have been removed between the countries to facilitate the functioning of the gas market.
  • The implicit capacity allocation model means that shippers do not need to separately book capacity. Instead, nominations made by shippers are processed automatically as capacity orders for a corresponding amount of capacity. Under the nomination-based allocation mechanism, daily and within-day capacity is offered at the Balticconnector implicitly in accordance with the nomination schedule.
  • Part of the Balticconnector capacity is offered implicitly via a gas exchange. In addition to Finnish buy and sell bids, the gas exchange price list contains the buy and sell bids of the Baltic states, which increases cross-border trading.
  • You will find more information about the capacity allocation mechanism in the Gas Transmission Rules.

Balancing services

We are responsible for the physical balance of the Finnish gas system and for organising both balancing and balance settlement.

To achieve physical balance in the gas system, we acquire gas energy via a gas exchange as well as from shippers with whom we have entered into a balancing service agreement. Balancing service agreements are subjected to competitive bidding. There may be one or more accepted bids but, however, gas is always bought first under the cheapest agreement and sold first under the most expensive agreement. For more information about balancing, see section 9 of the Gas Transmission Rules and the Terms and Conditions of Balancing confirmed by the Energy Authority. 

Capacity right transfer procedure

As a shipper, you may sell excess capacity or buy more capacity by utilising the capacity right transfer procedure of the Gasgrid portal. Capacity right transfers during one or more gas days can take place from a selling shipper (transferring shipper) to buying shipper (receiving shipper). A capacity right transfer request contains the period of time to which the transfer applies as well as the amount of capacity. Shippers agree the capacity price with each other. We check the creditworthiness of the receiving shipper and the sufficiency of the capacity offered by the transferring shipper.

Regardless of whether or not the capacity right transfer takes place, the transferring shipper will remain liable for its fixed payments related to capacity in the transmission network. The receiving shipper is liable for the payment of Gasgrid Finland’s capacity-related commodity charges and all other payments, charges and liabilities relating to the capacities it has obtained. For more information about capacity right transfers, see section 9 of the Gas Transmission Rules.

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