Gas market / Market information

Transparency and market information

Gasgrid Finland publishes transparency and market information relevant for market participants. Transparency plays an important role in our operations. Gasgrid Finland follows the Gas Regulation (EC) No 715/2009 which sets the minimum requirements for transparency information publication.

Gasgrid publishes the information necessary for network users to gain effective access to the system, the definition of all relevant points for transparency requirements and the information to be published at all relevant points on the Transparency Platform offered by ENTSOG. At the Transparency Platform, information on both technical (e.g. physical gas flow, gas quality) and commercial information (e.g. nominations, capacity bookings) published by Gasgrid Finland and other TSOs in the area of European Union can be found.

The parameters applicable at Balticconnector interconnection point
The share of Technical Capacity allocated by the TSO for bilateral trading 90 % - -
The share of Technical Capacity allocated by the TSO for the gas exchange(s) for cross-border trading 10 % - -
The applicable tolerance* at Balticconnector entry and exit point 50 000 kWh/h - -
The maximum virtual capacity** which may be offered by the TSO if Balticconnector is congested to one direction 46 000 kWh/h 1 104 MWh/day

*A Shipper may renominate downward in the Balticconnector free of charge within the tolerance. For amounts exceeding this limit, the Shipper shall pay an underutilisation fee in accordance with the up-to-date price list of the TSO. The underutilisation fee is effective to Shippers on those Gas Days when there has been congestion on the Gas Day meaning the Shippers’ Nominations or Renominations have been reduced on a pro rata basis.

**The maximum virtual capacity means the maximum capacity which may be offered in addition to the technical capacity by the TSO, if there is congestion to one direction and there are capacity booked also to the opposite direction.

Gasgrid Finland shall publicly disclose in an effective and timely manner inside information through Urgent Market Message (UMM) platform maintained by GET Baltic. Gasgrid shall publish i.e. the following information primarily through UMM platform:

  • any changes in the technical capacities at the entry and/or exit points
  • planned or unplanned maintenance works impacting on the technical capacities
  • expansion and dismantling of new infrastructure that impacts on technical capacities
  • information about milestones of relevant infrastructure projects impacting on capacities in Finland
  • information that has a significant impact on market participants (the share of technical capacity allocated by the TSO for bilateral trading and for the gas exchange(s), tolerance, virtual capacity, technical failure in Gasgrid’s systems).

The Transmission system operators (TSOs) of Finnish-Baltic region are publishing annually, by 01.07, the planned maintenance works that may affect to the capacities offered by the TSOs. The jointly coordinated and agreed maintenance plan increases efficiency enabling TSOs to maximise the technical capacity offered for the market participants. The target of Gasgrid Finland is that maintenance works will have as little impact for market participants as possible. Once the coordination of the TSOs is completed and final maintenance plans are confirmed, the information will be published to the market.

Reporting and market information ​

We provide our customers with access to information in a transparent manner.

We publish key data relating to the gas market on the ENTSOG Transparency Platform. (

We provide our customers with access to information on the Gasgrid portal as well as on the Gas Data Hub. The portal contains information on issues including amounts of capacity offered and quantities of gas available for nominations. In addition, a list of the market participants can be found on the portal. The portal also provides information about balance positions and calorific (heating) values. On the Gas Data Hub, customers can access key information required for their operations, such as measurement and calorific value data as well as their metering site data.

We publish information of key significance to the functioning of the market via GET Baltic’s Urgent Market Message (UMM) platform. This way we make sure market participants have simultaneous and equal access to key information affecting the functioning of the market.

Market data reviews

Gasgrid regularly publishes market data reviews:

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