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Gas Data Hub (Information exchange in the retail market)

Since the opening of the gas retail market, the exchange of information between the business processes of the various market participants has increased. In addition, calculations are required to perform balancing in the gas market. To meet these information exchange and calculation needs, a centralised information exchange system – the Gas Data Hub – has been created for the retail market.

The Gas Data Hub aims to implement the business processes required by the gas market as cost-effectively as possible. The Gas Data Hub facilitates and contributes to the activities of distribution system operators and retailers in the opening retail market. Distribution system operators have obligations in the form of metering of gas quantities, reporting and balance settlement calculations. For retailers, the Gas Data Hub offers a centralised information repository for metering site and measurement data. The functionality of the Gas Data Hub is primarily related to the market processes of the retail market of gas but, through balancing calculations, the system also provides measurement data and balancing calculation results data for wholesale market participants.

For information exchange pricing, see the transmission and service tariffs.

Info material about gas Datahub:

Gas datahub: data management and contract processes, Henri Nieminen, Solteq. Slides (pdf)

Portal and its API interface, Leo-Matti Lehtonen, Nordcloud:

Nominations and trade notifications using Edig@s and connecting to AS4, Toni Salminen, AgentIT.  Slides (pdf)

Webinar for Distribution System Operators 12.4.2019, videos (in Finnish):

Agenda, Introduction and Metering point delivery via user interface:

Metering point delivery via user interface:

The fuctions of API interface

Metering data management via API interface:

Biogas Certificate System

We are responsible for maintaining and developing the Biogas Certificate System in Finland. Biogas producers that inject biogas into the gas network as well as gas users and market participants that wish to utilise biogas in their operations can join the scheme. To join the scheme, operators must sign a certificate agreement.

Biogas Certificates are issued in the Biogas Certificate System for biogas produced and injected into the gas network in Finland. Biogas entering the transmission network via the Balticconnector can be issued Biogas Certificates if the import of biogas can be verified to the administrator of the Biogas Certificate System. The identification codes accompanying each Biogas Certificate can be used to track where and when that biogas was injected into the natural gas network.

Biogas Certificates are one way of selling biogas, and they help provide gas customers with flexible access to the benefits of biogas. Gas users connected to the gas network can use (i.e. retire) certificates bought by them, and this represents proof that the gas used is biogas injected into the network. Gas users can buy and retire any number of certificates flexibly in accordance with their needs.

The Biogas Certificates have unique identification codes, and their transfers between the parties are registered into the system, creating a verifiable chain of information concerning the origin of the certificate. A certificate can only be retired once, which helps ensure that a claim on a unit of biogas produced can only be made once.

At the moment, more information about the principles of the Biogas Certificate System can be found only in Finnish on our Finnish pages.

Biogas Certificate Registry

Biogas Certificates are administered via the Biogas Certificate Registry, which is provided by Grexel Systems Oy, which is a provider of European guarantees of origin schemes, too. Separate Customer Guidelines have been drawn up for registry users, describing the registry’s functionalities and certain date deadlines for transactions. The registry can be found here.

Biogas Certificates and excise taxation

No excise duty is levied on biogas, but the Tax Administration requires the unbundling of biogas in accounting from taxable use of gas. Biogas Certificates can be used to support volume accounting to verify the unbundling of tax-free and taxable gas.

Biogas Certificates and CO2 emissions trading

As regards Biogas Certificates, the Energy Authority examines on a case-by-case basis whether they can be accepted for use in emissions trading. If an operator wishes to use Biogas Certificates at a site that comes under the emissions trading system, the operator must contact the Energy Authority well in advance.

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