News / A Consolidated Maintenance Works Plan for the Baltic-Finnish region has been published

A Consolidated Maintenance Works Plan for the Baltic-Finnish region has been published

Gas transmission system operators Gasgrid Finland Oy, Elering AS, AS Conexus Baltic Grid and AB Amber Grid (TSOs) have jointly prepared the Consolidated Maintenance Works plan of Baltic – Finnish region for the period from October 2022 to December 2023. The maintenance works plan contains scheduled maintenance works of gas transmission system and Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage and capacities offered to the market participants.

The published Consolidated Maintenance Works plan describes the situation on 29th of June 2022. Please note that the direction (entry/exit) for the capacity indicated in the document is from the TSO’s perspective who is performing the related maintenance work. For instance, Balticconnector cleaning probe performed by Elering limits Balticconnector entry capacity from Elering point of view (FIN->EE). This means that limitation affects exit direction from Gasgrid point of view (FIN->EE).

Any updates to the Consolidated Maintenance Works plan after 29th of June will be primarily published as Urgent Market Messages (UMM) on GET Baltic inside information platform Up-to-date information on the technical capacity values can be found on the ENTSOG Transparency Platform.

To ensure up-to-date information, please carefully follow the following information channels:

GET Baltic:

ENTSOG Transparency Platform: 


Amber Grid:

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