News / Gasgrid Finland is launching the amendment project for market role-specific framework agreements – the target schedule is the end of October

Gasgrid Finland is launching the amendment project for market role-specific framework agreements – the target schedule is the end of October

Currently applicable market role-specific framework agreement templates between Gasgrid Finland and the market participants have been prepared before the opening of the Finnish gas market. The market role-specific framework agreements are identical in content for all market parties to ensure non-discriminatory and equal treatment. In Finland, the continuously developing gas market has created the need to update the framework agreements. Also, Gasgrid Finland has recognized the need to clarify and update the content of the contracts to better follow the operating models and clarify regulatory framework of the open gas market. In addition, the readability of the contracts has been improved and references to the gas market documentation have been clarified.

Market role-specific framework agreements must have the same content for each market participant acting in a particular role. In order to ensure that the framework agreements are in line with the gas market regulation and legislation applicable, Gasgrid Finland submitted the framework agreements to the Energy Authority for a review in early Autumn. The Energy Authority’s comments have been considered in the framework agreements. In order for the framework agreements to be non-discriminatory and equitable, there is no room for negotiation due to the agreement’s requirement of uniformity. The documents signed by Gasgrid Finland will be delivered to the market participants soon. Before the signed agreement, all updated market role-specific framework agreements will be emailed to the market participants in the upcoming days for viewing, including both the clean and track changes versions.

The updated framework agreements and the currently applicable agreements form a chronologically continuous entity, so that the contractual relationship between Gasgrid Finland and the market participant continues unbroken. The target schedule for concluding the updated framework agreements is that the agreements will be signed by the end of October.

For further information:
Mika Myötyri, Manager, Gas Market,
Mikko Jortikka, Corporate Legal Councel,

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